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With summer on its way, you may be gearing up to enjoy the warm weather. Not sure what to buy? An affordable inflatable hot tub might be just the accessory worth investing in.

Besides merely looking cool, warming up in a hot tub after a long day at work certainly beats sitting in front of the telly. However, a standard hot tub can cost from thousands up to tens of thousands of pounds — not including installation and shipping, we might add.

But if you’re not looking to spend large amounts of money, fear not. An inflatable hot tub is a perfect alternative and usually costs a fraction of the price. You can grab a large inflatable hot tub for £1000 or even half as much!

We’ve combed through the inflatable hot tubs out there to find you the best ones available. Get ready for some relaxation.

If you’re not familiar with inflatable hot tubs, you may wonder what to look for in one. Before investing, we recommend checking out these points below.

Inflatable hot tubs may be much more affordable than regular hot tubs but that doesn’t mean inflatable options are inferior. In fact, there are plenty of luxury inflatable hot tubs on the market. They often come with premium features such as directional jets, quick heating and capacity for four or more people — these tubs are nothing to sniff at.

When shopping for inflatable hot tubs, be sure not to get stuck on the term ‘hot tub’. The product could also be labelled an inflatable jacuzzi, spa or even pool. Just be aware that what usually sets an inflatable pool and hot tub or jacuzzi apart, is jets and water heating.

Speaking of which, an inflatable hot tub should have both jets and heating of some sort. Otherwise, it's not really a hot tub. Beware of cheaper products claiming to be an inflatable hot tub without these features.

As with an air mattress, pool toys and other popular inflatables, punctures are a concern with inflatable hot tubs. While luxurious, taking champagne and glasses into your inflatable hot tub is probably not the best idea. As Aviva Insurance reports, nor is wearing anything that could cause a puncture — such as an engagement ring. You should also keep yours away from rocks, sharp objects, cats, dogs and open flames.

Unlike inflatable swimming pools, an inflatable hot tub needs a little more care. Pumps and electricals need maintenance, regular cleaning and the water should also be treated according to instructions. Additionally, you may need to patch up punctures or perform repairs on inflatable hot tub parts from time to time.

As with many electronics, inflatable hot tubs have operational expenses for which you need to budget. Besides initial outlay, you should account for electricity and water expenses, as well as cleaning and treatment chemicals. Depending on size and energy rating, a hot tub uses around 1000L of water and 2kW of electricity per hour.

Water and electricity do not mix — at least, not without adequate precautions and safety measures. Luckily, most inflatable hot tubs come with a long lead, which you should plug directly into an outlet, not an extension. However, you do need to keep the wall socket that it's plugged into away from water, including splashes and rain.

Inflatable hot tubs heat up just like a jacuzzi or regular hot tub. If you’re pregnant, have a heart condition or a weak immune system, using one still poses a risk. It’s advisable to read up on hot tub risks and precautions, follow the doctor’s orders and limit sessions where you can. Also, it’s recommended get out if you start to feel unwell and also avoid hot-tubbing alone while under the influence.

Can you think of a list of the best hot tub brands off the top of your head? Probably not. As an uncommon household appliance, most people may not be familiar with the world of inflatable hot tubs. MSpa, Intex, Coleman and Lay-Z hot tubs are just a few popular and reputable inflatable hot tub brands.

As with any product, a warranty is a plus. It's one way of knowing if the company stands behind the quality of its products. Of course, if any issues do come up, it's also good to know you can get your money back. Don’t just look for a warranty, though. Check customer reviews to see whether the company's customer service and accountability are up to par.

Are you looking for a large and sturdy inflatable hot tub that will cater to the whole family? The understated, elegant, round Lay-Z Spa Barbados AirJet hot tub may be just the thing!

Easy to set up, it fits up to four people and features an extra-padded wall for lounging on, as well as cup holders. It also comes with WiFi control so you can manage the hot tub from your phone.

Do you want an inflatable hot tub that will impress your friends when they come round for dinner or drinks? If entertaining is the name of the game, evenings are probably the time frame. That’s why you need a hot tub that stands out or, more specifically, one that lights up!

The MSpa Aurora LED inflatable hot tub is a perfect choice. It can impressively fit up to six people and it heats up quickly.

With its unique oblong, bath-shaped design, this inflatable hot tub is perfect for a romantic evening spent under the stars.

It features three massage settings, 104 air jets and heats up quickly. It comes with a convenient side stand to place drinks or phones on, too.

If you’re new to inflatable hot tubs, you may not want to spend a whole lot of money on your first. The affordable Lay-Z Spa St. Lucia hot tub is a compact option that costs one-third of a premium hot tub.

But it features just as many air jets (110, to be exact), as well as other similar technologies. Perfect for couples and small families, this hot tub can comfortably fit about three people.

Are you looking for something stylish that will easily blend in with your stylish rattan furniture? Look no further than the Lay-Z Spa St. Moritz inflatable hot tub.

Featuring a deceptively real-looking rattan finish, it looks upmarket despite being constructed from plastic. It’s a large hot tub and can fit up to seven people — perfect for family, friends or entertaining!

Calling bargain hunters everywhere. Grab this inflatable hot tub now for only £439.99 (before stock runs out). With a built-in motor, easy-to-access digital controls, 110 air jets and more, it truly is a steal.

Though basic, it's the perfect starter hot tub for those on a tight budget. Many customers that bought one for themselves agreed that it is excellent value for money considering what you get.

Do you want an inflatable hot tub to take with you on your next holiday? Look no further than the Wave Atlantic Plus Tropical.

Featuring green palm leaf decals, plenty of air jets, and a capacity of up to six people, it's sure to get the summer holidays off to a good start — even if you actually aren’t planning to leave your patio!

Let’s face it; there are tons of inflatable hot tubs on the market. From budget to bougie, you can take your pick. For couples, pensioners, or those starting out on their inflatable hot tub journey, we recommend the Lay-Z-Spa St.Lucia tub. Or, the unbelievably priced CleverSpa Inyo tub.

If you’d like something a bit bigger, theLay-Z-Spa Barbados is also an excellent, affordable option. However, we love the stylish Lay-Z-Spa St Moritz tub for families and parties, as it can fit up to seven people! For entertaining, the MSpa Aurora LED tub is also a fun option thanks to its colour-cycling LED lights that are brilliant for creating a fun atmosphere.

Alternatively, taking the decidedly tropical WAVE Atlantic Inflatable tub with you on holiday instantly upgrades your Airbnb or accommodation. If you’re after something a little cosier, the two-person MSpa Nest tub is a perfect choice. Featuring a side-stand and oblong shape, it takes date night to the next level.

Most inflatable hot tubs include a mechanical pump, which should inflate the tub in a few minutes. After which, you need to fill it which could take an hour depending on its capacity and your water outlet. Finally, you need to wait until the water heats up, which depends on the inflatable hot tub’s heating system.

Regular hot tubs start at around £5000 (excluding installation), but you can sometimes find them on sale for about £3000. Premium hot tubs cost much more — around £8000-£13,000. However, inflatable hot tubs are usually never over £1000 — plus, they’re portable and don’t require expert installation.

Most inflatable hot tubs can reach up to 40°C, depending on their heating system and the ambient temperature. Many hot tubs feature insulated linings and energy-saving timers, which help conserve heat. You can also keep the water temperature stable by placing an included cover on the tub while not in use.

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